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Volume 27 (Current)

(2015) 27(2) J. Env. L. & Prac. 109


Heavy Oil Processing in Peace River, Alberta: a Case Study on the Scope of Section 7 of the Charter in the Environmental Realm

  • Avnish Nanda … 109

Treaty-Based Investor-State Arbitration and Canadian Environmental Governance

  • Kyra Bell-Pasht … 141


The Canadian Law of Toxic Torts By Lynda Collins & Heather McLeod-Kilmurray

  • Reviewed by John Swaigen … 199

(2015) 27(3) J. Env. L. & Prac. 201


Elements of an Effective Environmental Bill of Rights

  • David Boyd … 201

Navigating the Jungle: Private Nuisance and Renewable Energy Projects

  • Shane Rayman and Janet Lunau … 253


The Sydney Tar Ponds Case: Shutting the door on Environmental Class Action Suits in Nova Scotia?

  • Meinhard Doelle … 279

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Volume 26 (2014) 26 J. Env. L. & Prac.


The Consideration of Sustainability by Corporate Directors

  • Jeffrey Bone … 1

Private Prosecutions Revisited: The Continuing Importance of Private Prosecutions in Protecting the Environment

  • John Swaigen, Alberta Koehl and Charles Hatt … 31

How Smith v. Inco Failed: Recognizing the Category of “chemical interference” in Private Nuisance Cases

  • Claire Seaborn … 59

Who Regulates Trading in the Carbon Market?

  • Shaun Fluker & Salimah Janmohamed … 83

Recovery Planning under Canada’s Species at Risk Act in a Changing Ocean: Gauging the Tides, Charting Future Coordinates”

  • Aaron Lemkow & David L. VanderZwaag … 121

Planning For the Future of Albertans: Healthy Aquatic Ecosystems and Environmental Flows Protection

  • Glorilyn Bruno … 157

The Regulation of Novel Water Quality Assessment Biotechnologies: Is Canada Ready to Ride the Next Wave?

  • Id Ngueng Feze, Natalie Prystajecky, Christina Cook, Emily Kirby, Bartha Maria Knoppers, Vural Özedemir, Gemma Dunn, Judy Isaac-Renton & Yann Joly … 201

How Tribunals and Appeal Boards Are Contributing to Advances in Environmental Laws

  • Marilyn G. Lee … 249

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Volume 25 (2013) 25 J. Env. L. & Prac.


Competing Visions and Inequitable Costs: the National Energy Strategy and Regional Distributive Conflicts

  • Matthew Lesch & Doug Macdonald … 1

“Dirty Oil,” “Responsible Resource Development” and the Prospects for a National Conversation about Energy Sustainability in Canada

  • Mark S. Winfield … 19

A Greener Grid? Canadian Policies for Renewable Power and Prospects for a National Sustainable Electricity Strategy

  • Marcia Valiante … 41

Energy Visions versus Private Rights: Government energy strategies game the system

  • Bruce Pardy … 69

Situating Sarnia: “Unimagined Communities” in the New National Energy Debate

  • Dayna Nadine Scott … 81

The Role of EA in Achieving a Sustainable Energy Future in Canada: A Case Study of the Lower Churchill Panel Review

  • Meinhard Doelle … 113

The Role of Municipalities in Canada’s Energy Strategies

  • Rod Northey … 135

Justified Infringement — A Minimal Impairment Approach

  • Senwung Luk … 169

Indigenous Authority, Canadian Law, and Pipeline Proposals

  • Gordon Christie … 189

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Volume 24 (2012) 24 J. Env. L. & Prac.


CEAA 2012: The End of Federal EA As We know it?

  • Meinhard Doelle … 1

Protecting listed aquatic species under the federal Species at Risk Act: the implications for provincial water management and provincial water rights

  • Nigel Bankes … 19

Le développement durable, ses principes et leur intégration en droit canadien

  • Paule Halley et Pierre-Olivier Desmarchais … 67

The Environmental Regulation of Genetically Modified Bacteria: Case Studies of Canada’s Piecemeal Regulatory Approach to Biotechnology

  • R. Nelson Godfrey … 97

“Nothing to Report”: The Failure of Ontario’s Provincial Wildlife Population Monitoring Program for Commercial Timber Harvesting

  • Stacey O’Malley, Christopher Wilkinson & Gord Miller … 125

Accretion, The Torrens System, and Law Reform

  • Arlene Kwasniak … 145

Uncharted Waters: Applying the Lens of New Governance Theory to the Practice of Water Source Protection in Ontario

  • Patricia Hania … 177

Food For Thought: Effecting Shark Conservation through Marine Protected Areas Enhanced Collaboration with International Organizations

  • Kelsey Dick & Cameron Jefferies … 223

Climate Change Litigation and the Public Right to a Healthy Atmosphere

  • Andrew Gage … 257


Environmental Class Actions for Historical Contamination: Smith v. Inco Limited

  • Peter Bowal … 295

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Volume 23 (2012) 23 J. Env. L. & Prac.


The Failed Reform of Ontario’s Mining Laws

  • Bruce Pardy and Annette Stoehr … 1

Basin Closing Orders and Crown Reservations: Two Tools to Protect In-stream Flows?

  • Nigel Bankes … 17

Realizing a “Pious Wish” of Peoples and BCE: Enforcement of Pluralist Theory and Corporate Environmental Responsibility

  • Thomas Posyniak … 69

Canadian Approaches to America’s Public Trust Doctrine: Classic Trusts, Fiduciary Duties & Substantive Review

  • Anna Lund … 105

Lessons from an Ancient Concept: How the Public Trust Doctrine will meet obligations to protect the environment and the public interest in Canadian water management and governance in the 21st century

  • Sarah Jackson, Oliver M. Brandes & Randy Christensen … 145

The Constitutionality of Federal Climate Change Legislation

  • Alastair R. Lucas and Jenette Yearsley … 171

CPR for Canadian Rivers — Law to Conserve, Protect, and Restore Environmental Flows in Canada

  • Linda Nowlan … 203

Protecting the Arctic Marine Environment: The limits of Article 234 and the need for multilateral approaches

  • Ryan O’Leary … 253


Water Stewardship in the Lower Athabasca River: Is the Alberta Government Paying Attention to Aboriginal Rights to Water?

  • Monique Passelac-Ross and Karin Buss … 271


Susan Heyes Inc. (Hazel & Co.) v. South Coast B.C. Transportation Authority

  • Meredith James … 287


Jerry V. DeMarco and Paul Muldoon: Environmental Boards and Tribunals in Canada: A Practical Guide

  • John Swaigen … 301

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Volume 22 (2011) 22 J. Env. L. & Prac.


Fish Lakes and Tailings Ponds 

  • Andrew Gage … 1

Genetic Resources & Access and Benefit Sharing: Politics, Prospects and Opportunities for Canada after Nagoya

  • Chidi Oguamanam … 39

The Regulation of Wind Power in Alberta: The Case of Municipalities

  • Nickie Vlavianos … 77

Climate Change and the Protection of Drinking Water in Ontario: An Opportunity to Adopt Adaptive Management?

  • Patricia Hania … 119

Editors’ Introduction … 155

Charles Caccia and the Construction of Environmental Legitimacy

  • Douglas Macdonald … 157

Role of Parliamentary Committees in Canadian Environmental Policy Formulation and Evaluation: The Case of the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development 1994-2004

  • Mark S. Winfield … 175


Sustainability Lost: Comments on “Planning for a Sustainable Future: A Federal Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada”

  • C. Scott Findlay, Jamie Benidickson, Hugh Benevides,Karen Kraft Sloan … 193


Beyond the Species at Risk Act: Recognizing the Sacred

  • David Suzuki … 205

SARA’s Safety Net Provisions and the Effectiveness of Species at Risk Protection on Non-Federal Lands

  • Stéphane Wojciechowski, Christopher Brassard, Stewart Elgie, C. Scott Findlay & Sue Mckee … 221

Can Stewardship Work for Species at Risk? A Pelee Island Case Study

  • Andrea Olive … 241

Canada’s Species at Risk Act and the Atlantic Salmon: Cascade of Promises, Trickles of Protection, Sea of Challenges

  • David L. VanderZwaag, Maria Cecilia Engler-Palma & Jeffrey A. Hutchings … 257


An Emerging Pacific Initiative to Ban Shark Finning and Limit the Consumption of Shark Fin Soup—the Case for Canadian Participation

  • Cameron Jefferies … 299

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Volume 21 (2010) 21 J. Env. L. & Prac.


Adaptive Management in Canadian Environmental Assessment Law: Exploring Uses and Limitations

  • Martin Z.P. Olszynski

Bringing Justice to Environmental Assessment: An Examination of the Kearl Oil Sands Joint Review Panel and the Health Concerns of the Community of Fort Chipewyan 

  • Nathalie J. Chalifour

Unsustainable Development in Canada: Environmental Assessment, Cost-Benefit Analysis, and Environmental Justice in the Tar Sands 

  • Heather McLeod-Kilmurray and Gavin Smith

Transboundary Environmental Assessment in Canada: International and Constitutional Dimensions

  • Neil Craik

Environmental Assessment and Three Ways Not To Do Environmental Law

  • Bruce Pardy

Rethinking Environmental Contracting

  • Natasha A. Affolder

EA and Climate Change Mitigation

  • Albert Koehl


Current Issues in Environmental Assessment in British Columbia

  • Mark Haddock

Getting to “No” Through YESAA? A Look at an Alternative Federal Assessment Model Based Upon the Principle of Independence

  • Teri Cherkewich

Environmental Assessment Reform in Saskatchewan: Taking Care of Business

  • M.A. Bowden

Environmental Assessment in Ontario: Rhetoric vs. Reality 

  • Richard D. Lindgren and Burgandy Dunn

The Integration Of Environmental and Planning Law: The New Era Of Ontario Infrastructure 

  • Rodney Northey

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Volume 20 (2010) 20 J. Env. L. & Prac.


Environmental Assessment, Overlap, Duplication, Harmonization, Equivalency, and Substitution: Interpretation, Misinterpretation, and a Path Forward

  • Arlene Kwasniak … 1

Towards a Greener Olympics: Sustainable Development and the Vancouver 2010 Athletes’ Village at Southeast False Creek

  • Jonathan Laski … 37

The Ethical Obstacles of Environmental Law: Assessing the Need to Effectively Incorporate an Environmental Ethic into the Practice of Environmental Law

  • Cameron Jefferies … 61

Policy Proposals for Reviewing Alberta’s Water (Re) Allocation System

  • Nigel Bankes … 81

Building an Effective North American Emissions Trading System: Key Considerations

  • Christie J. Kneteman … 127

Strengthening Strategic Environmental Assessment in Canada: An Evaluation of Three Basic Options

  • Robert B. Gibson, Hugh Benevides, Meinhard Doelle, and Denis Kirchhoff … 175

Improving the Effectiveness of Environmental Assessment in Addressing Federal Environmental Priorities

  • Stephen Hazell … 213

Coutume autochtone et gouvernance environnementale dans le système interaméricain de protection des droits de l’homme

  • Ghislain Otis … 233


Mark Sagoff, The Economy of the Earth: Philosophy, Law and Environment

  • Meredith James … 79

Arthur P.J. Mol, Environmental Reform in the Information Age: The Contours of Informational Governance

  • Timothy Petrou … 255


Editor’s Note … 149

MiningWatch Canada v. Canada (Fisheries and Oceans): Hoisted on One’s Own Petard?

  • Shaun Fluker … 151

The Implications of the SCC Red Chris Decision for EA in Canada

  • Meinhard Doelle … 161

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Volume 19 (2009) 19 J. Env. L. & Prac.


Statutory Structure and Species Survival: How Constraints on Cabinet Discretion Affect Endangered Species Listing Outcomes

  • Stewart Elgie … 1

Litigating the Precautionary Principle in Domestic Courts

  • Chris Tollefson and Jamie Thomback … 33

Building a Strong Foundation for Action: A Review of Twelve Fundamental Principles of Environmental and Resource Management Legislation

  • Jerry V. Demarco … 59

Sustainable Urban Transportation And Ontario’s New Planning Regime: The Provincial Policy Statement, 2005 and the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

  • Kirsten E. Courtney … 71

Creative Sentencing and Environmental Regulation in Canada: Creative Solution or Re-Branding Deregulation?

  • Meredith James … 139


The Lion that Squeaked: CEPA, Mercury, and the Need for Better Regulation and Enforcement

  • Hugh Wilkins and Elaine Macdonald … 167

Exploring the Viability of Class Actions Arising from Environmental Toxic Torts: Overcoming Barriers to Certification

  • Patrick Hayes … 189

Aboriginal Claims to Water Rights Grounded in the Principle Ad Medium Filum Aquae, Riparian Rights and the Winters Doctrine

  • Scott Hopley and Susan Ross … 225


Wading into Uncertain Waters: Using Markets to Transfer Water Rights in Canada — Possibilities and Pitfalls

  • Oliver M. Brandes and Linda Nowlan … 267

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Volume 18 (2008) 18 J. Env. L. & Prac.


Highways, Parks and the Public Trust Doctrine

  • Andrew Gage … 1

Alberta Crown Ownership of Slough/Marsh Wetlands

  • Arlene Kwasniak … 57

Anticipatory Nuisance and the Prevention of Environmental Harm and Economic Loss from GMOs in the United States

  • Margaret Rosso Grossman … 107

“Government Wrongs”: Civil Liability for GMO Regulation in Canada

  • Jane Matthews Glenn … 169

Are Genetically Modified Crops in Canada Under-Regulated?

  • Martin Phillipson … 195

Equalization as an Economic Instrument For Sustainable Development

  • Erin McLaughlin … 225

Friends of the Earth v. the Minister of the Environment Does CEPA 166 Require Canada to Meet its Kyoto Commitments?

  • Christine Elwell and Grant Boyle … 253

“The Public Interest”: Can it Provide Guidance for the ERCB and NRCB

  • Jodie L. Hierlmeier … 279


R. Gemtec Ltd.: Advancing Environmental Consultants Liability in Canada

  • Cameron S.G. Jefferies … 313


Thinking Outside the Box: Environmental Protection Alternative Measures

  • Leah M. Howie … 87


Jamie Benidickson – The Culture of Flushing: A Social and Legal History of Sewage

  • David Wood … 219

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Volume 17 (2007) 17 J. Env. L. & Prac


Creating Environmentalists: Environmental Law, Identity and Commitment

  • Andrew Green … 1

The Duty to Accommodate Aboriginal Peoples Rights: Substantive Consultation?

  • Verónica Potes … 27

Tools for the Protection of Ecologically Significant Private Lands in Ontario: A Case Study of Marcy’s Woods

  • Michelle Campbell … 47

Governance and the Environment in Canda From Regulatory Renaissance to “Smart Regulation”

  • Mark S. Winfield … 69

Smarter Regulation: The Case for Enforcement and Transparency

  • Jerry V. DeMarco and Toby Vigod … 85

An Essay on Social Responsibility and the Limits of the Corporate Form: A Perspective on Environmental Protection

  • Michael Ilg … 115

The Supreme Court of Canada’s Recognition of Fundamental Environmental Values: What Could be Next in Canadian Environmental Law?

  • Jerry V. DeMarco … 159

Public Participation and the Disposition of Oil and Gas Rights in Alberta

  • Nickie Vlavianos … 205

Carbon Offset Trading: A Leaky Sieve or Smart Step?

  • Stewart A.G. Elgie … 235


Meinhard Doelle — From Hot Air to Action: Climate Change, Compliance and the Future of International Environmental Law

  • Gregory Wurzer … 65


Public Access to Environmental Appeals: A Review and Assessment of Alberta’s Environmental Appeals Board

  • Cindy Chiasson … 141


Yesteryear’s Leasehold Covenants in a Contamination Conscious Canada

  • Sarah Powell and Katie Goldberg Zwick … 269

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Volume 16 (2006) 16 J. Env. L. & Prac.


The St. Mary’s Irrigation District Licence Amendment Decision: Irrigation Districts as a Law unto Themselves

  • Nigel Bankes and Arlene Kwasniak …1

Innocent Drops and the Symbolic Generalization of Moral Harms: A New Basis for the Criminalization of Environmental Offences

  • Mark Davidson … 19

Harnessing Self-Interest to Realize a Double-Dividend? Achieving Other Environmental Benefits through Carbon Credits

– Sharon Mascher … 99

Shining a Light on the Management of Water Resources: The Role of an Environmental Appeal Board

  • Nigel Bankes … 131

Quenching Instream Thirst: A Role for Water Trusts in the Prairie Provinces

  • Arlene J. Kwasniak … 211

Ontario (Attorney General) v. Walker: The Water’s Edge and the Ripple Effect of Judicial Error in the Common Law

  • Susan Ross and Scott Hopley … 239


Hoffman v. Monsanto Canada Inc.: Looking for a Generous Approach to the Elephant in the Garden

  • Martin Z.P. Olszynski … 53


The Cat Came Back, or the Nine Lives of the Kyoto Protocol

  • Meinhard Doelle … 261


At a Watershed: Ecological Governance and sustainable Water Management in Canada

  • Oliver M Brandes … 79

Keeping Public Resources in Public Hands: Advancing the Public Trust Doctrine in Canada

  • Scott Kidd … 187


Roda Verheyen – Climate Change Damage and International Law: Prevention Duties and State Responsibility 

  • J. Terry Rolfe … 289

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Volume 15 (2005) 15 J. Env. L. & Prac.


Law for Future Generations: The Theory of Intergenerational Equity in Canadian Environmental Law

  • Jerry V. DeMarco … 1

The Potential for Municipal Transfer of Development Credits Program in Canada

  • Arlene J. Kwasniak … 47

Public Rights and the Lost Principle of Statutory Interpretation

  • Andrew Gage … 107

Decoding Codes of Practice: Approaches to Regulating the Ecological Impacts of Logging in British Columbia

  • Emily Walter … 143

Re-inventing Intervention in the Public Interest: Breaking Down Barriers to Access

  • Michelle Campbell … 187

The Assessment of Environmental Damages Following the Supreme Court’s Decision in Canfor

  • Martin Z.P. Olszynski … 257

Belief and Environmental Decision-making: Some Recent New Zealand Experience

  • Nicola R. Wheen … 297


Deconstructing Tridan: A Litigator’s Perspective

  • Katherine M. van Rensburg … 85

Opening the Door for Common Law Environmental Protection in Canada: The Decision in British Columbia v. Canadian Forest Products Ltd.

  • Jerry V. DeMarco, Marcia Valiante, and Marie-Ann Bowden … 233

R. v. Kingston and the Criminalization of Harmless Pollution

  • Ian Richler … 319


Time Well Spent? A Survey of Participation in Federal Environmental Assessment Panels

  • Susan Rutherford and Karen Campbell … 71


Brian Jones and Neil Parpworth – Environmental Liabilities

  • Moira L. McConnell … 219

Rex Wyler – Greenpeace: How a Group of Ecologists, Journalists and Visionaries Changed the World

  • Dana Treasure … 225

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Volume 14 (2004) 14 J. Env. L. & Prac.


Introduction of Charles Caccia

  • Hugh Benevides … 3

Defining Canada’s Environmental Priorities 

  • The Hon. Charles Caccia, P.C. …7


The Kyoto Protocol: Bad News for the Global Environment

Brude Pardy (Queen’s University) … 27

Transaction Costs and Other Issues for Carbon Sequestration on Agricultural Land: Defining the Legal and Policy Agenda

  • Steven A. Kennett and Alastair R. Lucas (University of Calgary) … 47

Linking the Kyoto Protocol and Other Multilateral Environmental Agreements: From Fragmentation to Integration?

  • Meinhard Doelle (Dalhousie University) … 75


The Great Lakes and the Mediterranean Sea: Ecosystem-Management and Sustainability in the Context of Economic Integration

Jamie Benidickon (Unversity of Ottawa) … 107

Trail Smelter Redux: Transboundary Pollution and Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

  • Neil Craik (University of New Brunswick ) … 139

The Citizen Submission Process Under NAFTA: Observations After 10 Years

  • Randy L. Christensen (Sierra Legal Defence Fund) … 165


British Columbia at a Crossroads: A Path to Sustainability or the Enclosure of the Commons? 

  • Jessica Clogg (West Coast Environmental Law) … 189

Canada’s “Forgotten Forests”. Or, How Ottawa is Failing Local Communities and the World in Peri-Urban Forest Protection 

  • Stepan Wood (Osgoode Hall Law School) … 217

Encouraging the Transition to Sustainable Forestry in Canada with Ecological Fiscal Reform —Potential and Pitfalls

  • Nathalie Chalifour (University of Ottawa) … 253


The Future of Common Law Water Rights in Ontario

  • Marcia Valiante (University of Windsor) … 293

The Limits of Western Canadian Water Allocation Law

  • David R. Percy (University of Alberta) … 315


Greening Environmental Law: From Sectoral Reform to Systemic Re-Formation 

  • Michael M’Gonigle and Paula Ramsay (University of Victoria) … 333

Sustainability Law: (R)Evolutionary Directions for the Future of Environmental Law

  • David R. Boyd (University of Victoria) … 357

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Volume 13 (2003) 13 J. Env. L. & Prac.


Public Health Hazards and Section 7 of the Charter

  • Andrew Gage … 1

The Great Lakes Charter Annex 2001: Legal Dimensions of Provincial Participation

  • Marcia Valiante … 47

Seven Deadly Sins of Canadian Water Law

  • Bruce Pardy … 89

Greening the international Human Rights Sphere? An Examination of Environmental Rights and the Draft Declaration of Principles on Human Rights and the Environment

  • Karrie A. Wolfe … 109

Challenging the Intervention and Stay of an Environmental Private Prosecution

  • Keith Ferguson … 153

Real Reform Deferred: Analysis of Recent Amendments to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

  • Hugh J. Benevides … 195

Water Quality Objectives and the Management of Public Drinking Water Catchments in Australia

  • Alex Gardner … 227

Litigating Environmental Quality: An Economic Approach

  • Cherrie Metcalf … 293

Standing on the Shoulders of Rio: Greening Mediations under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

  • Tyson Dyck … 335

Interlocutory Injunctions and the Environment: Comparing the Law Between Quebec and the Other Provinces

  • Calude Martin … 359


“Maintaining ecological integrity is our first priority” — Policy Rhetoric or Practical Reality in Canada’s National Parks? A case comment on Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society v. Canada (Minister of Canadian Heritage)

  • Shaun Fluker … 131

Standing in the Road: The Battle for Wood Buffalo National Park

  • Dayna Nadine Scott … 145


Accessing Environmental Information in Ontario: A Legislative Comment on Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

  • Lynda M. Collins, Jerry V. DeMarco and Alan D. Levy … 267


David Boyd — Unnatural Law: Rethinking Canadian Environmental Law and Policy

– Benjamin J. Richardson … 289

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Volume 12 (2003) 12 J. Env. L. & Prac.


Civil Disobedience and the Courts: The British Columbia Approach

  • Michael Welters … 1

Using Law as a Tool to Ensure Meaningful Public Participation in Environmental Assessment

  • A. John Sinclair and Meinhard Doelle … 27

Contaminated Site Liability in Saskatchewan: On the “Right Track” to Remediation?

  • J. Kelly Brown … 55

Better Government: The Value of Environmental Management Systems in Achieving Policy Objectives

  • James Hartshorn … 99

Implementing the Fisheries Provisions of the Nunavut Claim: Re-Capturing the Resource?

  • Nigel Bankes … 141

Fish and Chips: Lessons from the East Coast for B.C. Forest Communities

  • Paula Ramsay … 205

Environmental Standard Setting and Children’s Health in Canada: Injecting Precaution into Risk Assessment

  • Theresa McClenaghan, Kathleen Cooper, Loren Vanderlinden, Paul Muldoon, Alan Abelson, Kapil Khatter, and Karyn Keenan … 245

Genetically Modified Crops in Canada: Rights and Wrongs

  • Jane Matthews Glenn … 281

Regulatory Solutions for GMOs in Europe: The Problem of Liability

  • Maria Lee … 311

Sowing the Seeds of Discontent? Australia’s New Gene Technology Act

  • Sharon Mascher .. 341

The Biosafety Protocol and the SPS Agreement: Conflicts and Dispute Resolution

  • Heather D. Heavin … 373


Asking the Dog the Guard the Puppy Chow: Three Objections to Environmental Voluntarism

  • Bruce Pardy … 129

Volume 11 (2001) 11 J. Env. L. & Prac.


Strengthening Environmental Assessment of Canadian Supported Mining Ventures in Developing Countries

  • Sara L. Seck … 1

The Major Deficiencies Remain: A Review of the Provisions and Limitations of Bill C-19, and Act to Amend the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

  • Robert B. Gibson … 83

Material Contribution to Risk and Causation in Toxic Torts

  • Lynda Collins … 105

International Trade in Hazardous Wastes and the Basel Convention

  • Alias Sanders and Peter Bowal … 143

A Review of Environmental Assessment in Ontario

  • Alan D. Levy … 173

The New Ontario Hazardous Waste Regulations of 2000: Waste Identification and Protection of the Environment

  • Joseph F. Castrilli … 285

Turf War: Municipal Powers, The Regulation of Pesticides and Hudson Decision

  • Marcia Valiante … 327

Everybody But Nobody: The Legal Regime for Drinking Water Management in Saskatchewan

  • Marie-Ann Bowden and Susan E. Ross … 361

Does International Law Mean Anything in Canadian Courts?

  • Elizabeth Brandon … 399

Volume 10 (2000) 10 J. Env. L. & Prac.


Andrew Royden Thompson, 1925 – 2000 – Environmental Lawyer, and March More

  • Alastair R. Lucas & Nigel D. Bankes … 1

An Evaluation of the Environmental Harmonization Initiative of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

  • Marshall Ogan … 15

Favouring the Higher Test: Contribution to Sustainability as the Central Criterion For Reviews and Decisions Under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

  • Robert B. Gibson … 39

Legal Implications of Decommissioning and Reclamation Plans for Potash Mine Sites in Saskatchewan

  • Greg Potter … 57

Voluntary Initiatives for Greenhouse Gas Reduction: The Legal Implications

  • Alastair R. Lucas … 89

Carbon Sinks and the Preservation of Old-Growth Forests Under the Kyoto Protocol

  • Dayna Nadine Scott … 105

Scoping Issues and Imposing Time Limits by Ontario’s Environment Minister at Environmental Assessment Hearings — A History and Case Study

  • Alan D. Levy … 147

Exporting Good Practices: Environmental Standards and the Export Development Corporation of Canada

  • Linda Nowlan … 207

Parks Legislation in Canada: A Comparison of the New Canada National Parks Act and Ontario’s Existing Provincial Parks Act

  • John Swaigen … 223

A Mouse that Could Roar: Issues for Consideration at the Appeal of the Harvard Oncomouse Case

  • Robert Lockhart … 237

A Theory of Compensation Under the Species at Risk Act, Bill C-5

  • H. Ian Rounthwaite … 259


Are Conservation Goals and Aboriginal Rights Incompatible?

  • Lisa M. Shields … 187


Pesticide Law Reform Initiatives: An Update

  • Elaine L. Hughes … 195

A Comment by the Environmental Law Centre on the Use of Compensation under the Proposed Species at Risk Act

  • Brenda Heelan Powell … 283

British Columbia Case Highlights Differing Contaminated Sites Philosophies

  • Cindy Chiasson … 287

Volume 9 (1999) 9 J. Env. L. & Prac.


ISO 14001 and Environmental Regulation

  • Douglas Taylor … 1

Canada’s Implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES): The Effect of the Biodiversity Focus of International Environmental Law

  • Lynn P. Marshall … 31

The Increasing Importance in British Columbia of Local Governments in Environmental Regulation

  • Craig Godsoe … 55

McArthur River Uranium Mine Environmental Assessment Process

  • Helen Cotton … 71

Forest Management and Environmental Values: Ontario’s Old Growth Pinelands

  • Jamie Benidickson … 93

An International Investment Agreement and the Environment

  • Lee McIntosh … 119

Creating Liability Regimes for the Clean-up of Environmental Damage: The Literature

  • Nickie Vlavianos … 145

Environmental Impact Assessment and the Constitution: The Never-Ending Story

  • Judith Hanebury … 169

Sustaining Old Growth Pinelands in Ontario: Pathways to Reform

  • Jamie Benidickson … 199

Cause for Concern: An Overview of Approaches to the Causation Problem in Toxic Tort Litigation

  • Brenda Heelan Powell … 227

Playing With Fire – The Premature Release of Genetically Engineered Plants into the Canadian Environment

  • Bradley Mandrusiak … 259

Using Credit Trading to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Andrew Bachelder … 281


McArthur River Uranium Mine Environmental Assessment Process: Reply

  • Mark Wittrup … 299

Volume 8 (1998) 8 J. Env. L. & Prac.


New Directions for Public Land Law

  • Steven A. Kennett … 1

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and the The Law

  • Robert Eden Astroff … 47

An Overview of the Issues with Respect to Voluntary Environmental Agreements

  • John Moffet and Francois Bregha … 63

Environmental Liability of Lenders, Receivers and Trustees in Bankruptcy Under the Nova Scotia Environment Act, and Proposed Reforms

  • Robert Kapanen … 95

In Search of Public Land Law in Alberta

  • Steven A. Kennett and Monique M. Ross … 131

Application of the Federal Regulatory Policy to Regulatory Decision-Making: The Curious Case of the 1995 PCB Waste Export Interim Order

  • Todd Weiler … 181

Evaluating Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Reforms

  • Marcia Valiante … 215

The Friends of the West Country Association v. Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Director, Marine Programs, Canadian Coast Guard — The Court’s Need to Know

  • Charalee F. Graydon … 265

Accessibility of Environmental Audit Reports: A New Business Privilege?

  • Michael E. Deturbide … 279

The Vires Defence in Prosecutions for Environmental Offences: Administrative Efficiency vs. The Right to a Fair Trial

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